Taco Bell Breakfast : Old Folks Hate It

lead large 560x308Taco Bell has absolutely been killing it with their new commercials for breakfast. Strong on the heels of their “Ronald McDonald” spot, the Bell would like you to meet two new characters, Harold and Lenny. They love their morning routine, but they’re not too happy about the new Taco Bell Breakfast.

Each spot depicts the next generation of breakfast, as seen through the eyes of two seniors, traditional breakfast bystanders eating the same breakfast sandwich for the last 40 years.

The tone on these ads is pitch perfect, it’s as if they grabbed two guys from Sean Hannity’s audience and just had them sit on the corner and bitch about change happening around them.

Ok, so maybe some old people dig change. While we wish Taco Bell had made a more compelling breakfast burrito the center of their new breakfast menu, we can’t argue with the brilliance of their advertising. Slippery Slope!