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Ultimate Super Bowl Snack Stadium Gallery

Super Bowl Snack Stadium 001 e1390887541176 560x282The Snack Stadium is clearly not the easiest way to present your Super Bowl spread for party guests. It’s not the best way to ensure your buffet is fresh, sanitary, or even appetizing either. But damn if it isn’t still the most bad-ass way to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday that man has invented thus far.

The trend started a bit slow, with photos of Snack Stadiums being shared across sports blogs and discussed at tailgates. However with the popularity of social media, the concept spread, and now most people are aware such things exist these days. What might have once been a tough sell to your wife, is now as easy as pointing her to the plethora of examples on Pinterest.

It’s inevitable, if you’re hosting a Super Bowl Party, this idea is certainly going to cross your mind. So if you’re going to do it, do it up right. We’ve collected 100 example photos from around the web, to inspire your Stadium construction plans this Super Bowl Sunday. They range from epic and professional, to half-assed and weak. You can tell the difference, and so can your guests. We even tried our hand at Snack Stadium construction and documented the entire process. Our example is relatively simple, but we want to see what you can come up with. Share your Snack Stadium creation with us below in the comments.

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