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The Finest Food Fights in Film

foodfight 300x225One of cinema’s most classic comedic moment is the laugh-inducing food fight. Believe it or not, it hasn’t gotten to the point where it’s become a ridiculous farce of itself, so when it is used it’s still quite fresh and funny. The following movies used the food fight scene to great advantage, despite the fact that not all of them are comedies. Take a look at some of these classic clips and see just how much fun a food fight can be. Image to the left thieved from Glennz Tees, go buy one so they don’t sue us.

Animal House

“Don’t you have any respect for yourself?”


“Ghandi ate more than this!”

Max Keeble’s Big Movie

Sorry, I couldn’t find a full clip of just the food fight, but you get a good idea here.

Problem Child

Watching John Ritter calmly chuck whatever he was eating = Classic.

Blazing Saddles

“Yankee Bean Soup, Cole Slaw, and Tuna Surprise.”

The Great Dictator

Charlie Chaplin was an absolute master of his craft. I highly recommend watching the whole flick when you have 2 hours to kill.

Stand By Me

Okay, so I stretched it a little here. It is, however, a ‘food fight’ if flying hunks of blueberry pie count.

Little Darlings

Anyone else find this mildly erotic and/or uncomfortable?

Dawn of the Dead

Zombies + Pies + Bikers = horror comedy gold.

The Great Race

Classic scene from a classic film.

The Sweet Pie and Pie

One of the most classic pie/food fights of all time provided by the trio of trouble, The Three Stooges.

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