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Reese’s Fan Edition Printed Cups

Reeses Fan Edition Printed Cups Image

Special edition candies for holiday are nothing new, and we’ve chronicled them many times in the past. However a special edition candy for a sporting event is somewhat more rare. The good folks at Reese’s have developed a new method of customizing their candy, and we suspect we’ll see this trick from them plenty in the future :

“We are very excited to introduce this new printing technology for Reese’s college basketball fans, just in time for NCAA March Madness*,” said John Maitrejean, senior manager, Reese’s brand. “The basketball-related designs complement our role as the official candy partner of the NCAA and title sponsor of the Reese’s College All-Star Game. This is new and exciting territory for us and one that holds a lot of promise for our fans.”

Reeses Fan Edition Printed Cups Graphic 560x207There are 10 cup designs with imagery including jerseys, basketballs brackets and basketball terminology such as, “Double Team,” “Nothing But Net” and “Dual Threat.” We would suggest you “collect them all”, but let’s be honest, once you open that package to see what you got, there is no way you aren’t going to eat them immediately.

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