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Refreshingly Refreshing with Lipton

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The folks at Lipton Ice Tea are utilizing some refreshingly honest tactics to market their Sparkling beverage. There is an entire series of graphics like the one above, and now they’ve unveiled some video spots in the campaign. We’re big fans of brutal honesty here, so we found this campaign, well, refreshing. Now check out the videos below, because we know you only clicked on this article because we put a cute girl in the thumbnail.

The first shows us a refreshingly honest take on the classic music festival ‘pick-up’, although these folks look way too clean to really be at a music festival. It must still be early in the day…

The second video shows us what Tinder dates would look like if we were all being honest, and it’s a sad commentary on our society. It features Tully Smyth though, so you’re going to watch it.

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