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Introducing MikeHacks

Mike Hacks 560x134Our friends at Mike’s Hard Lemonade want YOU to throw the ultimate backyard party that will become the stuff of local legend. They’ve released a series of ‘MikeHacks’ videos that demonstrate various ways to elevate your backyard blowout from here to MMMMHERE!

What is a MikeHack, you may be wondering? Basically a life hack that makes any social occasion more awesome, like creating a “Fountain of Flavor.”

We’re not going to lie, that looks way more tempting than a “Chocolate Wonderfall.” While you could probably figure it out on your own, they’ve provided a blueprint and directions, and we want to reward that extra effort by displaying it below.

MikeHacks Flavor Fountain 560x845For tons more hacks to make anytime more awesome, head to getmikehacks.com, and see if you can do better than this creation :

Kipkay TheFountainOfFlavor490 1 560x315

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Mike Hacks 560x134
MikeHacks Flavor Fountain 560x845
Kipkay TheFountainOfFlavor490 1 560x315
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