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Eat the Ewoks

november+094 560x308There is no shortage of creative folks doing marvelously creative things with the Star Wars universe, and making food art, like sushi and desserts, is no exception.

Recently we stumbled upon the site The Infinite Yums, where the cook, Darcy, made not only Ewoks, but an entire gingerbread Ewok village!

november+152 e1329159179360 560x423


But wait! There’s more. She didn’t just stop here. She also made dead Stormtroopers:

dead stormtroopers 560x394


Chewbacca and Yoda:

november+135 560x419


The Death Star:

death star 560x281


And a Death Star birthday cake:

sith+012 560x449


Follow the Infinite Yums on Twitter and see far more photos of the Endor forest on the Infinite Yums.

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