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Coney Island Human Blockhead Lager

Coney Island Human Blockhead Tough-as-Nails Lager

Shmaltz Brewing Company – Saratoga Springs, NY

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Information: From the Bottle – “Pound for pound, the Blockhead is a true professional. Penetrate the senses. Engage the brain. Propel towards the palate. Try this at home or at your favorite drinking hole. Purely for your amusement.”
10% APV

I honestly don’t remember the last time I had a true lager beer. It’s not because I have gone out of my way not to, I’ve just not been particularly interested in any lagers in the past or of late. So, this will definitely be a fun beer to get into. Oh, and just in case you’re unfamiliar as to what a lager is, as opposed to other beers, here’s a little definition: “A type of beer that is brewed and stored at low temperatures.” Yes, bocks and pilseners are types of lagers, but not true lagers. This beer apparently is.

The color is a very dark amber, almost getting into brown territory. The nose is honey-rich and excessively nutty. It smells quite sweet and laden with wild grasses and earthy notes. The head is a rich tan and rebuilds itself with every swirl. It honestly has an almost vanilla background as well.

The first sip assails the senses with muchas, nuts, and a clean caramel mouthfeel that doesn’t appear cloying and finishes clean but rather sweet. There is a middle of very ripe toastiness and roasted malts that carries you right into the third act of a dark cherry-like bite and a peppery Merlot finale. The all-encompassing oakiness is quite prevalent just as the mid point begins and cascades into completion. In short, there is an awful lot going on in this glass, and the bottle. I suppose this would match very well with slow-roasted fowl, for sure, and ginger snaps.

Rating: * * *
A fairly complex lager with fairly complex flavors.

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