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Beer Labels in Motion

tumblr inline mnu2taKPcT1qz4rgpTrevor Carmick has been creating animated Gifs of Beer Labels weekly since May. Now we’re kicking ourselves because we first saw his site back in June, and failed to post an article about it. Honestly we were waiting until he had a few more under his belt before we featured them, and then we forgot.

Now his site is one of the hottest on the Internet, including being named one of the Best Blogs of 2013, and we’re late to the party. Oh well, if you haven’t seen this yet, allow us to introduce you to the awesomeness. These animated beer labels are obviously time-consuming pieces of artwork, so his collection isn’t very extensive yet. We’ve selected a few of our favorites to highlight, but you can see them all and keep up with his latest weekly creations on his Tumblr site.

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