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25 Awesome Vintage Lunchboxes

Being a child of the 80’s that I am, one of the best memories I have is that of the kick-ass metal lunchbox. From the time I began school until their sad and untimely demise probably in the mid to late 80’s, I had a metal lunchbox. Everything from Star Wars to ET, I had them all. And besides the coolness of the box itself had to be the even cooler Thermos nearly everyone came equipped with. Aladdin was the standard in lunchbox makers, and Thermos (the company) was the cool decanter inside that my mom used to fill with Spaghetti-O’s. Oh yeah, they stayed nice and warm till lunch. Memories, man… memories. Anyway, here are 25 cool lunchboxes to jog your nostalgia. Enjoy!


Marvel Superheroes

Batman (source)

Dino Riders (source)

The Dukes of Hazzard (source)

The Empire Strikes Back (source)

He Man (source)

KISS (source)

Indiana Jones (source)

Baseball (source)

NFL – AFC (source)

NFL – NFC (source)

Pac-Man (source)

Bionic Commando (source)

Speedracer (source)

Star Trek (source)

Thunder Cats (source)

Transformers (source)

Green Hornet

G.I. Joe (source)

Gremlins (source)

Hulk (source)

Happy Days (source)

Voltron (source)

Dark Crystal (source)

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