Jim Larsen is an international traveler. He often finds himself overseas teaching English as a foreign language as an excuse to go be somewhere else. When not exploring new lands, he resides at a retreat center on the Big Island of Hawaii where he enjoys writing and performing award winning poetry. He is also a well respected psychic, Reiki Master and blessing giver (Deeksha, aka The Oneness Blessing). Jim is also a professional tarot card reader and a prolific writer of esoteric and tarot-themed ideas, offering tarot readings via email on his website, www.doubleohfool.com. But most importantly, he is a gifted humorist with an ability to find the absurd in any situation with a precision that baffles mortal humans. He wrote and directed the motion picture BUTTCRACK for Troma Entertainment as well. More recently though, he is the author of FAT NAKED POETRY, a book of poetry and prose, Knowings from The Silence: Simple Wisdom for an Enlightened Life, and The Double Oh Fool Guide to Tarot Mastery.
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