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A Gallery of Food TV Hotties

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I am a big fan of food. In fact, I’d wager a guess that the entirety of the Gunaxin staff digs on some fine grub. So, it’s only natural that I find myself whiling away the hours in front of the Food Network (or, Food TV, if you prefer). Now generally I tend to watch shows from which I can learn some new fangled knowledge since I also happen to have a chef background. It’s nice to add to the repertoire. Yet, when I grow bored of just ogling the food, it’s time for a different kind of eye candy; it’s time for the hot ladies who inhabit the channel. Oh yes.

If it’s one thing Food TV is good at, it’s practicing the art of subterfuge without really, seriously fooling anyone. For instance, if you’ve ever watched even five minutes of Giada DeLaurentiis… well, then you know exactly what I mean. She could be sticking asparagus in a pencil sharpener and it wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference as long as her neck-line keeps getting lower. It’s food porn and we all know it. And we all love it. So, grab some foie gras and maybe a crudites platter and scope out the babes of Food TV.

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